New Makeup Technique Recently Introduced In Pakistan.

Switch up your makeup routine and cut your time in half using this 8 in 1 airbrush beauty tools TEMPTU. The first completely cordless airbrush makeup system launching in Pakistan.

The airbrush makeup techniques is available in Moshaz Beauty Salon.

Brilliant workshop by franciscocatedral who came all the way from New york to demonstrate the flawless finish that you can only get from TEMPTU airbrush makeup.


A spot correcting,contouring, strobing and made easy with airpod foundation blush highlighter lipstick and bronzer. Trust a brand that delivers professional makeup.


1: Time saving
2: Flawless finish
3: Long lasting
4: Equal coverage
5: Handy
6: No stress on skin.
7: Silicon formula
8: For all kind of skin.
9: Feel so refreshing.
10: Pretty in look.

Makeup brushes and sponges can easily harbor allergens and acne-causing bacteria, TEMPTU is more hygienic to use than traditional makeup due to the application with sprayable method. All TEMPTU Airpod formulas and products are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog your pores nor cause breakout.